New York Assemblymen Propose New Legislature that Would Make Disrespecting Police a Felony

Published: August 1, 2019  Updated: August 1, 2019 at 6:41 am EST

A young male is seen on video throwing water on two traffic police officers as they are merely doing their jobs. In response to such, Assemblymen have proposed legislation that would make such actions a felony. Further, person’s who partake in such could face one to four years in jail.

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been at least four occasions where residents were recorded on camera throwing water on police officers. Further, the department is looking to prosecute those involved and has criticized the Officers for not attempting to arrest the subjects.

“That is very disrespectful,” one New Yorker told Duddridge.

“He’s just walking away thinking it’s all right to do that and it’s not right to do that to anybody, not just the cops,” Woodhaven resident Jose Cancela added.

It was the latest incident targeting members of the Police Department. Earlier this month in Harlem, officers were drenched while trying to make an arrest. A bucket was even thrown at their heads. And in Brooklyn, water was dumped on officers as they calmly walked away.

According to the lawmakers, the concern is in regards to the possibility of the attacks spreading.

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