Now? Biden Gets Push From Left-Leaning Groups to Slash Pentagon Budget

Published: May 11, 2020  Updated: May 11, 2020 at 8:13 am EST

A month after Sen. Bernie Sanders endorsed his rival Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s candidate to take on President Donald Trump in November, the former U.S. vice president is getting a strong push from progressive groups to swiftly move his foreign-policy platform to the left.

In a letter shared exclusively with Foreign Policy organized by Demand Progress, more than 50 groups, including Code Pink, Greenpeace, and MoveOn, are asking Biden to shift his priorities further to the left by slashing the Defense Department’s budget by $200 billion each year and to reverse some of Trump’s biggest military priorities, such as refurbishing the U.S. nuclear arsenal and shelving the creation of the Space Force as the sixth branch of the military.

“For decades, U.S. foreign policy has been overly focused on confrontation with perceived adversaries and the global projection of U.S. military power,” the groups say in the letter, set to be sent to the Biden campaign on Monday. “Doing so has militarized our response to global challenges, distorted our national security spending priorities, toxified our political discourse, and left us woefully ill-prepared to confront the growing transnational threats to human security we face today that do not have military solutions.”

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