‘Queer,’ ‘Nonbinary,’ Feminist Speaker: ‘All White People Are Racists,’ ‘Born Into Not Being Human’

Published: September 15, 2020  Updated: September 15, 2020 at 8:55 am EST

A video posted to social media shows writer and activist Hunter Ashleigh Shackelford, a self-described “cultural producer, multidisciplinary artist, nonbinary shapeshifter, hood feminist, and data futurist” speaking to a room of predominantly white attendees and claiming that “all white people are racists” and will always be so, being “born into not being human.”

“All white people are racists,” she says in the undated recording, referring to words written in all caps and red on the presentation board. “So, I put this up because I really want any white person in the room to know up front that this is what we’re dealing with — that it’s not going to be this coddling of white tears.”

“And we’re not going to discuss, ‘Oh, maybe some of us are going to work it out.’ No, you’re always going to be racist, actually,” Shackelford claims. “So even when you’re on your path to trying to figure out how to be a better human being, I believe that white people are born into not being human. ”

She asserts that those with little melanin are taught to be “demons” and reiterates that all whites are racist.

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