Second Wave Fears Grow: China to test ENTIRE POPULATION of Wuhan for Covid-19 after disease reemerges

All districts in the city were ordered to submit a plan on how they will conduct testing of all residents in their areas within 10 days, local media reported, citing a document from the authorities. The officials were told to prioritize the testing of vulnerable groups and places like residential compounds.

The measure was announced as a response to the six new locally-transmitted cases that were recorded in Wuhan on Sunday and Monday, after no infections were registered for 35 consecutive days in the central Hubei Province, where Wuhan is the capital. All six new patients were living in the same compound.

Wuhan was the original epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak, and in late January, it became the first city to be placed under lockdown as the infection continued to spread. Similar restrictions were enacted in several other major cities in Hubei.

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